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We are retail consultants assisting with backgrounds in design, service training, marketing and sales performance using the visual communications and techniques to lift the average sale and stimulate buying.

We specialise in the shopper experience and assist shopping centres, property companies, private owners and large retailers with solutions to improve the experience and sales performance. Our expertise resides in 23 years of retail marketing & branding, retail design, shopping centre asset reviews, store layout, visual merchandising consultancy and shopping centre marketing.

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Founder & Director

American born, Debra Young is Founder and Director of Boom Retail & Boom Merchandising

Debra specialises in sales & marketing and understanding how the consumers buys using visual merchandising & design techniques. She has presented thousands of workshops and in-store consultancy sessions to speciality retailers all over the world since 1990’s.

She is a published author, has worked in over 9 countries. She has a broad knowledge of the international retail market with extensive retail management consulting experience and shopping centre marketing & development. Debra has over 23 years of experience working with large property companies, their retail clients, large national chains and shopping centre management teams. Debra achieved the highest honour in the shopping centre industry with MAXI awarded in USA by International Shopping Centre Council.

Her formal qualifications include Bcom Marketing, Diploma Interior Design and Diploma in Visual Merchandising. She uses these qualifications to give an edge in retail in terms of business function and design. The major emphasis is on increasing sales, which are created through the visual medium which influences consumer buying.

Debra provides practical advice in the areas of “the preview zone”, product placement, store layout, marketing, signage, window displays, marketing offer, sales, customer service, online advice, visual merchandising, signage, colour, space allocation, lighting, use of “hot spots”, category management and consumer movement.

This includes serving specialty retailers and shopping centres. In addition, Debra provides retail expertise and coaching to retail management teams and

solution providers to the retail industry.

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